Helping you find the perfect rug

We enjoy working with customers to help them find the perfect rug for their home, their lifestyle and budget requirements. It is our great pleasure when a customer tells us how much they’ve enjoyed a rug they purchased from us. When you come to our showroom, it is essential to know the dimention of the area you would like to cover with rug, as well as color swatches—fabrics, wallpaper, paint chips, photos—can be very helpful to us in deciding which rugs to show you. Keep in mind that since most of these rugs are one of a kind, the ideal way would be to choose your rug first and then everything else. In addition, we’re happy to visit your home, which gives us a clearer picture of your space and colors so that we can offer specific rug suggestions.

Rug Cleaning

We hand-wash rugs of any type, which is the recommended method for cleaning any good, wool rug. Your rugs will come back to you feeling soft, colors brightened, and clean. We offer drop-off service, as well as pick-up and delivery. Feel free to call for a price.

Rug Repairs

We do all kinds of repairs. If you’d like to bring in your rug to discuss the problem, we can give you a cost estimate and time frame.


We sell several different types of rug pad for rugs on hard surfaces as well as rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting. We carry this on rolls and will cut the pad for the perfect fit. Please call for pricing.